Did you know that it takes:

  • a 4 year undergraduate degree

  • a 2 year graduate degree

  • 3,740 intern hours

  • 7 Architect Registration Exams

  • 1 California Supplemental Exam

to become Candace Wong, Architect? (It also requires 18 hours of continuing education per year to remain that way.)

We don't like to brag, but you should. Having an architect design your home means that a licensed, qualified, and regulated professional is giving you the best quality of service that the profession recognizes.  All designers were not created equal, so choose an Architect!


Texas License

Candace Wong is registered in the state of Texas (License # 25833) as a practicing Architect. 


California License

Candace Wong is also registered in the state of California (License # 35131) as a practicing Architect.